Zolnixi male
Zolnixi female

Zolnixies are the most commonly owned pet in Sylestia. They adapt well to moderate environments and are found in most regions of Sylestia. Zolnixies are diurnal creatures; therefore they only appear in the wild during daytime. When it is raining, snowing, or storming, Zolnixies will seek shelter until the weather clears up.

Base StatsEdit

Health: 100

Mana: 80

Strength: 10

Intelligence: 12

Dexterity: 11

Agility: 12


Zolnixies are very loyal and compassionate creatures who thrive in social environments. Because of this, they are commonly sought after as pets. Zolnixies are also very intelligent and curious, which makes them natural explorers. But due to their tricksy tendencies, owners must always keep an eye on their provisions.


  • Male Hatchling Zolnixi
  • Female Hatchling Zolnixi
  • Zolnixi Egg

As with all non-fabled species, female Zolnixies require 3 days to recover after producing an egg, and the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Bestowed with an ancient blessing of luck, all Zolnixies carry various runes on their fur. Zolnixies also take pride in their looks and are often regarded as the most kempt species.

Rarely, Zolnixies are seen wearing jeweled talismen around their neck and tails. Although it has never been determined what their purpose is, many suspect these talismen act as a protective aura to the Zolnixi and those around it. Other Zolnixies are able to grow beautiful gossamer wings or three tails. However, these features are more for aesthetic purposes rather than functional ones.

Average Height: 2'8 (0.81m)

Average Weight: 110lbs (50kg)

Design Colors are shown in Green. Pictures taken from Generator.

Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design SlotsEdit

  • Gene slot 1 AA Banded Stripes
  • Gene slot 1 BB Tribal Stripes
  • Gene slot 1 CC Paint
  • Gene slot 1 DD Back Stripes
  • Gene slot 1 EE Regal Markings
  • Gene slot 1 FF Ornate Spangles
  • Gene slot 1 GG African Painted
  • Gene slot 1 HH Cross Fox
  • Gene slot 1 II Double Stripes
  • Gene slot 2 AA Marbled Fox
  • Gene slot 2 BB Fallow Deer
  • Gene slot 2 CC Witch Doctor
  • Gene slot 2 DD Kitsune
  • Gene slot 2 EE Dapple
  • Gene slot 2 FF Sea Darter
  • Gene slot 3 AA Advanced Runes
  • Gene slot 3 BB Digital Runes
  • Gene slot 3 CC Life Runes
  • Gene slot 3 DD Rainbow Life Runes
  • Gene slot 3 EE Lucky Runes
  • Gene slot 3 FF Mystic Runes
  • Gene slot 3 GG Frost Runes
  • Gene slot 3 HH Leaf Veins
  • Gene slot 3 II Star Runes
  • Gene slot 3 JJ Rainbow Advanced Runes
  • Gene slot 3 KK Glowing Stripes
  • Mutation slot 1 AA Tri Tails
  • Mutation slot 1 BB Chow Tail
  • Mutation Slot 1 CC Stubby Tail
  • Mutation slot 1 DD Enchanted Butterflies
  • Mutation slot 2 AA Talismans
  • Mutation slot 2 BB Bandana
  • Mutation slot 2 CC Leaf Trappings
  • Mutation slot 2 DD Sugar Plum Flower
  • Mutation slot 2 EE Ball Mask
  • Mutation slot 2 FF Regalia of Hermes
  • Mutation slot 2 GG Fairy Rings
  • Mutation slot 2 HH Pearl Armor
  • Mutation slot 2 II Shaman Feathers
  • Mutation slot 2 JJ Spirit Flames
  • Mutation slot 2 KK Flower Vines
  • Mutation slot 2 LL Twisted Root Armor
  • Mutation slot 2 MM Steampunk Outfit
  • Mutation slot 3 AA Butterfly Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 BB Comet Moth Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 CC Leaf Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 DD Glowlight Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 EE Feathered Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 FF Feathered Wings (Tips)
  • Mutation slot 3 GG Feathered Wings (Stripes)
  • Mutation slot 3 HH Spirit Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 II Twisted Root Wings
  • Mutation slot 3 JJ Steampunk Wings