Themed pets are a special kind of sylesti that are obtained during festivals. They can be distinguished from regular sylesti by their color schemes, and often by a purple "tag" in the Genetics box on a pet's profile page (directly above the pet's traits). There are several ways to obtain themed pets: they can be caught in festival zones, created with special festival features, or sometimes earned as prizes for contests.

Tagged / Non-tagged ThemesEdit

Tag example

Image of a themed pet's "tag."

The term "tagged" pet is often used to refer to a first generation themed pet. Regardless of how a themed pet is obtained, a purple "tag" appears on the pet's profile page designating it as a member of a certain theme.

There are some themed pets that pre-date the tag system. These pets are from before the 2013 summer festival, when the tag system was implemented. These pets can still be recognized by their color schemes, although some of them display significant color swings.

Pre-tagged Themed Pets: Edit

  • 2013 Spring Blossom Faelora
  • 2013 Spring Peach Vulnyx
  • 2013 Stormy Draeyl
  • 2013 Pastel Aurleon
  • 2012 Reindeer Qitari (Later re-released with a tag)
  • 2013 Chocolate Bulbori
  • 2013 Clear Sky Lupora
  • 2013 Cotton Candy Morkko
  • 2013 Easter Bulbori
  • 2013 Marshmallow Nytekrie
  • 2013 Rose Petal Qitari
  • 2013 Springtime Zolnixi
  • 2013 Sunrise Sylvorpa
  • 2013 Valentine Bulbori (Later re-released with a tag)
2013 Chocolate Bulbori

Zone ThemedEdit

The term "zone themed" is used to refer to a themed pet that is caught in a festival zone. These pets are most often caught with 2 gene points - either 2 carried traits or 1 visible trait. Rarely, themed pets with 4 gene points, 6 gene points, and 8 gene points can also be found.

Zone themed pets are designated by a note in the Genetics section of a pet's profile page, reading This is a Tamed Sylesti directly above the pet's tag.

Exclusive ThemedEdit

The term "exclusive themed" is used to refer to a themed pet that is obtained outside of the festival zone. They can be created using unique festival features and obtained as prizes. Often, the number of visible traits is determined by items specific to the festival feature. Fabled themed pets are most often exclusive.

Exclusive themed pets are designated by a note in the Genetics section of a pet's profile page, reading This is an Exclusive Sylesti directly above the pet's tag.

Purebred OffspringEdit

Purebred offspring are pets that are completely descended from themed pets (of the same theme). They are often created and sold as products of breeding projects. As such, they can range in gene points from 0 - 12.

There is no marker on a pet's profile page to designate it as a purebred offspring. However, viewing the pet's lineage is an easy way to determine if a pet is a purebred offspring or not.

List of Themed PetsEdit


Angelfish Aeridini

Autumn Moon Aeridini

Azalea Petal Aeridini

Blazing Fireworks Aeridini

Blossoming Rose Aeridini

Blue Lotus Aeridini

Camllia Night Rider Aeridini

Cranberry Crisp Aeridini

Eventide Aeridini

Festival of Lights Aeridini

Flaming Soul Aeridini

Harvest Day Aeridini

Island Flower Aeridini

Naturegaurd Aeridini

Ocean Sunset Aeridini

Passion Passiflora Aeridini

Patriotic Aeridini

Ponisetta Aeridini

Rain Cloud Aeridini

Royal Viola Aeridini

Spotted Woodpecker Aeridini

Spring Moon Aeridini

Tiger Lily Aeridini

Vampiric Aeridini


Auora Borealis Aurleon

Autumn Wind Aurleon

Blazing Fireworks Aurleon

Banana Pudding Aurleon

Blood Raven Aurleon

Blueberry Crumble Aurleon

Driftwood Aurleon

Easter Sunrise Aurleon

Falling Leaves Aurleon

Festive Aurleon

Flamingo Aurleon

Ghostly Aurleon

Gobbling Aurleon

Halloween Aurleon

Hallows Aurleon

Happy Winds Aurleon

Holly Cardinal Aurleon

Humming Bird Aurleon

Hydrangea Bounqet Aurleon

King Fisher Aurleon

Loval Lover Aurleon

Lucky Aurleon

Mahi Mahi Aurleon

Nevermore Aurleon

New Chick Aurleon

New Soul Aurleon

Orange Canna Aurleon

Patriotic Aurleon

Pink Power Delphinium Aurleon

Rainy Day Aurleon

Sea Breeze Aurleon

Solar Eclipse Aurleon

Tempest Winds Aurleon

Thunderbird Aurleon

Tom the Turkey

Twilight Shimmer Aurleon

Tyrielle's Minion Aurleon

Vibrant Plumage Aurleon

Winter Aurleon

Zombified Aurleon

Bulbori Edit

Ashen fall Bulbori

Black Beauty Gladiolus Bulbori

Black Widow Bulbori

Blazing Fireworks Bulbori

Breaking Tulip Bulbori

Chocolate Candy Bulbori

Coconut Octopus Bulbor

Darling Dahlia Bulbori

Devious Bulbori

Festive Bulbori

Flamboyant Cuttlefish Bulbori

Frosted Bulbori

Golden Heart Bulbori

Halloween Bulbori

Hot Tamale Rose Bulbori

Lucky Bulbori

Midnight Firefly Bulbori

Midnight Frost Bulbori

Mint Chocolate Chip Bulbori

Moonlight Chill Bulbori

Patriotic Bulbori

Peppermint Bark Bulbori

Pumpkin Bread Bulbori

Sand Rabbit Bulbori

Seamist Sun Bulbori

Solar Eclipse Bulbori

Spring Dawn Bulbori

Starlight Embers Bulbori

Stuffing Bulbori

Sweet Tea Bulbori

Tyrielle's Minion Bulbori

Valentine Bulbori

White Chocolate Bulbori

Winter's Night Bulbori

Zombified Bulbori

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