Themed Pet Aeridini Edit

The Themed Pet Aeridini is an exclusive Spring Festival 2016 Aeridini. It comes from the Flower Gardening feature of the Spring Festival.

Origin Edit

The Themed Pet Aeridini was designed by SomeUser in a Design Contest for the Spring Festival 2016, based on the superawesome flower.

How to Find Edit

The Themed Pet Aeridini comes from the Superawesome Plant from the Spring Festival 2016 Flower Garden. It requires the Superawesome Seed.

Its number of visible traits is dependent on what fertilizer is used on it.

Fertilizer Traits
Basic Dirt (no fertilizer) 1 Random Carried Trait
Lesser Fertilizer 1 Random Visible Trait
Greater Fertilizer 2 Random Visible Traits
Exceptional Fertilizer 3 Random Visible Traits

Gallery Edit

Here is a compilation of several Themed Pet Aeridinis.

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