If you're having trouble, try reading A Battler's Guide to Elements & Proficiencies!

Team BuildingEdit

-Defensive: They are the rocks, first ones to take the damage and high in health and defense.

-Offensive: Main attacker, They deal lots of damage and take out enemies.

-Support: Supporters, they buff or heal the other pets, helping them last longer. 

Proficiency Choices and Battle Tactics Edit


Element: Air 

Battle Specialty: Single Target Damage 

Summery: It's a great element if you have at least 2 pets in your party, but would recommend against using Air for your only party pet. This is because it does lots of damage, but tends to not be very sturdy.  

Recommended Stats (In order): Strength, Dexterity, Health 

Pros Cons
Deals a lot of damage Suggests mostly strength and/or dexterity, so pet's health tends to be low.
Focuses damage at a single enemy Can't regain health aside from using Mend or consumables.
Ability 1, when landing a critical hit, leaves residual damage for 2 turns.  Can't assist other party members in any way. 
Ability 2 always leaves residual damage for 4 turns. 

 Element: Fire 

Battle Specialty: Multi Target Damage 

Summery: It's the only element that will always hit more than one target. It's useful for taking down multiple enemies quickly, especially at lower levels. However, like Air, it's probably better to wait to use a Fire pet until you have at least 2 pets in your party.  

Recommended Stats (In order): Intelligence, Dexterity, Health 

Pros Cons
Deals a lot of damage. Suggests points spent in intel/dex, so health tends to be lower. 
Damage is spread out over multiple targets - you hit more than one enemy at a time.  Damage spread is not very effective when fighting only one enemy (especially bosses). 
Ability 2 hits every enemy, and leaves residual damage. Can't regain health other than using Mend and consumables. 
Can't assist other party members.


Element: Earth 

Battle Specialty: Tanking, Survival 

Summery: Earth is a decent element to choose for your first party pet. It can generally withstand a lot of damage, and can increase defense for itself. However, attack power tends to be less, and the health regained from the buffs may not be enough to support the pet completely.  

Recommended Stats (In order): Health, Agility, Strength 

Pros Cons
Earth pets can withstand a lot of incoming damage.  Suggests some points spent in health, so attack power isn't as strong.
Ability 1 has a chance to leave residual damage and re-imburse health to your pet.  Health regained tends to be a very small amount. 
Ability 1 also has a chance to taunt for 1 turn.  Can't assist other party members aside from taunting enemies. 
Ability 2 increases the pet's defense, restores health, and causes damage to any enemies who attack it. 

Element: Shadow 

Battle Specialty: Survival, Tanking 

Summery: Shadow is a great element for beginners. A shadow pet can self-heal and leave residual damage like an Earth pet, even if they don't (currently) have the same defense boost that Earth has. Its versatility makes Shadow a decent choice for either a tank or a self-healing cannon.  

Recommended Stats (In order): Intelligence, Agility, Health 

Pros Cons
Shadow pets are good damage-dealers and self-healers. Healing only affects the pet who uses the ability. 
Ability 1 has a 25% chance to do residual damage and heal the pet for the same amount.  Depending on proficiency points, the pet can either have low damage, or low health. 
Ability 2 deals significant damage and heals the pet for the same amount. 
Very versatile element - can be used as a tank or a cannon. 


Element: Light 

Battle Specialty: Healing 

Summery: It works best when paired with a tank pet and a cannon pet - the light pet can usually heal enough to keep itself and the cannon at a good level of health, so you only have to worry about using Mend and consumables on your tank. 

Recommended Stats (In order): Intelligence, Health, Agility 

Cons Pros
Healing! Ability 1 has 50% chance to heal each party pet for a small amount of health. Damage is less than Air or Fire. 
Ability 2 deals damage and heals your party for the same amount. Suggested points spent in intel means generally lower health. 
Suggested points spent in intelligence makes for decent amount of damage.  Most effective in a 3-pet party. 

Element: Water 

Battle Specialty: Buffing, Survival 

Summery: Water is an element that helps boost other pets defense. It's best used in a 3 pet party however because it's focused on defense rather than attack, so it's attack power is low. 

Recommended Stats (In order): Health, Strength, Agility 

Pros Cons
Can withstand a lot of damage due to defense buffs.  Focus is on defense/avoidance, so attack power tends to be low. 
Ability 1 deals damage and has a chance to buff the pet's defense for 3 turns.  Healing only affects one pet. 
Ability 2 can increase the defense of any party pet for 3 turns, and restore health to the affected pet.  Most effective in a 3-pet party; not ideal for beginners. 

Why Certain Abilities are More or Less Useful Against BossesEdit

Well, first of all, healing abilities (Shadow and light) are based on damage dealt. Bosses often have around 40% mitigation, which greatly reduces healing done, and deal damage that often makes your healing quite useless in comparison. 

Frost, the effect of bolt, protect from very little damage since it is based on the physical damage of your support, which is not quite high. Fireball, which Attacks multiple enemies, isn't that helpful against bosses: sure, you might harm more, but the thing is, the faster you defeat an enemy, the faster he stops hitting you. Also, as soon as you encounter a boss that is alone, the fire proficiency is only useful if you have the flame throw ability that increases magical damage. Slash (air) and force (Shadow), on the other hand, with their damage over time, can do a lot of damage on a single boss. Mocking blow (earth) can be useful if you want to reduce the chance of another party member to be attacked, but remember that most bosses have attacks that target multiple targets at once, so saving mana for a finishing blow might be a better idea. Finishing blow, of course, is very useful for every proficiency. 


Having quality gear that is at the level of your party is very important if you want to beat tougher enemies without spending all your consumables. If you're having trouble beating a boss, make sure most equipment is at least rare and of the level of your pets. Cheap equipment can easily be found at the trade broker. Gear is important as the right type of gear can help your pet get through a battle, Here are the different types of gear and what they are good for: 

Arcanist Gear: Magical Damage, Boosts Intelligence, Good for Light and Shadow pets (Especially cannons/healers)

Assassin Gear: Physical Damage, Boosts Strength and Agility, Good for Earth and Water Pets (Especially tanks)

Disciple Gear: Physical and Magical Damage, Boosts all stats equally (Boosts are significantly less than gear that affects only 2 stats), Not ideal for battle pets

Myrmidon Gear: Physical Damage, Boosts Strength and Dexterity, Good for Air pets (Especially cannons) 

Evoker Gear: Magical Damage, Boosts Intelligence and Dexterity, Good for Fire, Light and Shadow pets (Especially cannons) 

Illusionist Gear: Magical Damage, Boosts Intelligence and Agility, Good for Light and Shadow pets (Especially tanks) 

Crusader Gear: No longer found - Can only be bought on broker, Physical or Magical Damage, Boosts Strength and Intelligence, Not Ideal for Battle pets 

Warden Gear: No longer found - can only be bought on broker, Physical or Magical Damage, Boosts Dexterity and Agility, Not ideal for battle pets  

Reputation gear: Once you earn enough reputation with a faction, you can buy the gear that is the minimum level requirement of the zone (0 for viridian meadows and 25 for the Umbra Forest) but they are equivalent to gear of 25 level higher. It is extremely useful to train new pets because you will be able to add them to a higher level team and battle enemies way out of their league. For example, you can add a level 0 to your level 50 party with the guardsmen equipment and battle level 50 enemies. 

Defeating BossesEdit

Alright, so there's a boss that gives you trouble. First thing – when you are about to enter a battle with a boss, there's usually a screen with lots of blablabla and a begin battle under it. For optimum maximum battle potential, make sure your sylesties have full health, full mana, and the mend cooldown is at zero. This can be achieved by using potions or exiting the area to fight other monsters until mana is full or cooldown finished. Don't worry, the boss won't leave anytime soon, he'll just wait monologuing to himself until you come back. 

During the fight your strategy depends entirely on the boss, as some bosses have ever ending minions to help them, in this case finsih the bosses off before the minions, some minions boost their bosses, if this is the case the boss normally has a moment where it re-groups use that time to take out the minions.