Sweet Blossom Orchard is a zone in Astryl's Vale. It's Exploration Window is different from the two other regions.


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  • A wild Morrko
  • A Woodsman Tamer
  • A Woodsman Tamer
  • A Woodsman Savage
  • A Woodsman Savage
  • A Woodsman Savage

Common EnemiesEdit

There are multiple Woodsman Tamers and Woodsman Savages and wild sylestis that can be caught in Sweet Blossom Orchard on land.


The main boss of this zone is Myrida and her two Lunemaras, Sol and Lune.


There are also sub-bosses like  Deviant Channeler, Ruthless Tamer, Elryssa the Huntress, Daiman the Hunter, Barbaric Woodsman, Ruthless Savage, and Koralai.



  • Ruthless Tamer
  • Elryssa the Huntress
  • Damian the Hunter
  • Ruthless Savage
  • Barbaric Woodsman
  • Deviant Channeler
  • Koralai
Inventory items can be obtained from wooden crates and treasure chests or purchased from Allison Fairwind. Equipment items can be obtained by battling.

Avatar Edit

Avatar items can be obatianed by battling or purchased from the Fern Everglow


Farmer Taris

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Fern EverglowEdit

Allison Fairwind is a traveling merchant who sells Inventory items and avatar items 

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