Sylestia's 2013 Spring Festival ran from March 29th to April 7th.

Avatar Items ReleasedEdit

In the Holiday Shop

Eggling Balloon of Dawn Eggling Balloon of Twilight Eggling Balloon of Dusk
Silky Owl Buggerfly Balloon Ulysses Butterfly Balloon Monarch Butterfly Balloon
Bubblegum Bunny Balloon Sky Blue Bunny Balloon Dutch Bunny Balloon
Caramel Bunny Balloon Toasted Marshmallow Bunny Balloon Strawberry Cheesecake Bunny Balloon
Strawberry Banana Bunny Balloon Rainbow Sherbert Bunny Balloon Blue Sun Chick Balloon
Green Sun Chick Balloon Purple Sun Chick Balloon Blue Checkered Chick Balloon
Green Checkered Chick Balloon Purple Checkered Chick Balloon Blue Penguin Chick Balloon
Green Penguin Chick Balloon Purple Penguin Chick Balloon Bunny Ears
Qitari Ears Zolnixi Ears Vulnyx Ears
Qitari Tail Zolnixi Tail Vulnyx Tail

Other Released Items

Advanced Runed Vulnyx Tail Cheetah Spotted Vulnyx Tail Flame Designed Vulnyx Tail
Serval Spotted Vulnyx Tail Tiger Striped Vulnyx Tail Advanced Runed Vulnyx Ears
Flame Designed Vulnyx Ears Serval Spotted Vulnyx Ears Mane Highlighted Qitari Tail
Advanced Runed Zolnixi Tail Back Striped Zolnixi Tail Banded Striped Zolnixi Tail
Painted Zolnixi Tail Tribal Striped Zolnixi Tail Back Striped Zolnixi Ears
Banded Striped Zolnixi Ears Painted Zolnixi Ears Tribal Striped Zolnixi Ears
Bulbori Ears Scepter of Spring Butterfly Wings
Festive Spring Outfit Flower Headdress

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