Puffadores, often associated with royalty, are considered one of the most pampered and prestigious species of all Sylesties. Due to their size, Puffadores are one of the few species capable of living inside the homes of their owners. This makes them ideal for owners who want a companion to follow them around all day and all night. While other species must fight for survival in the wild, most Puffadores, throughout their entire lives, never even step foot into the wild. Because of these tendencies, they are not usually found anywhere in the wild. The only known public breeder of Puffadores is in Ethernia, the capital of Sylestia. However, this does not mean that all Puffadores are incapable of battling. Those that do battle use their intelligence and dexterity to outwit their opponents.


Puffadores are one of the nicest and most loving species of all Sylesties. This is further reinforcement of why they are often considered a household Sylesti. You must try very hard to agitate a Puffadore. Additionally, while they may not be experts in battle, they make up for it by having a very strong sense of danger. Puffadores will typically detect a dangerous situation long before other Sylesties or even their owners will notice.


As with all Fabled species, female Puffadores require 7 days to recover after producing an egg, however the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Puffadore egg

Physical FeaturesEdit

Puffadores are very tiny, very light, and very fluffy. Typical owners will spend up to an hour daily grooming their Puffadore. Puffadores have very large ears which help them stay away from dangerous situations. As another defense mechanism, Puffadores have tendrils attached to their ears that they use to enhance their senses. With these, they can detect even the faintest of vibrations from miles away. Puffadores also have a very long, fluffy tail that can be used to cover themselves like a blanket to keep warm.

Due to their elegance, many Puffadores wear various ornaments and fancy accessories. Some wear fancy trappings, some wear bell collars, while others wear magical glowing flowers. Additionally, some Puffadores have even been seen with beautiful jeweled wings attached to their backs. However, the origin of these wings are unknown.

Design Colors are shown in Green. Pictures taken from Generator.

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