The Ny'vene, a powerful and rare species of Sylestia, are one of the few direct descendants of the ancient Sylestian Dragons. Because of their ancient lineage, Ny'venes have a very powerful bond with the elements. They are also very strong, intelligent, and have a lust for combat; making them ideal for Arena battles. Currently, the only known hatchery of Ny'venes is in Ethernia and they are often awarded to renown Challengers of the Ethernia Arena.

The Ny'venes themselves are a Fabled Species.


Ny'venes vastly vary in personalities based on their gender. Males tend to be very ill-tempered and self centered while females are more patient and open minded. Males tend to solely hunt prey while females tend to their young. Due to their overall stubborn nature, training Ny'venes is a very long and tedious process. However, once a trainer has an obedient Ny'vene under their command, they are more than rewarded for their effort.


As with all Fabled species, female Ny'venes require 7 days to recover after producing an egg, however the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

  • Ny'vene Egg - Stage 1
  • Ny'vene Egg - Stage 2
  • Ny'vene Egg - Stage 3
  • Ny'vene Egg - Stage 4
  • Ny'vene Egg - Stage 5

Physical FeaturesEdit

Ny'venes are inherently large and muscular. Their bodies are mostly covered in thick, durable scales which offer them great protection against all forms of attacks. Since their hands are attached to their wings, they have very large and powerful talons which they use for grabbing and clawing. Although their wings are powerful enough for sustained flight, their size requires them to take off and land; they cannot begin flying while standing stationary.

Since Ny'venes have a very strong bond with the elements, they often channel these bonds in material ways. For example, some Ny'venes surround themselves with lightning, while others are engulfed in flames. Although not every Ny'vene has horns, many do and they come in all sorts of different types. Lastly, some Ny'venes have some sort of additional feature for added protection, such as plated armor or protective spikes.

Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design SlotsEdit

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