Nephinies, a very rare and mystical species of Sylesti, are only found in the forests of Astryl's Vale. It is not known how many Nephinies are in the wild or even where they make their nests. Because of this, those who find them in the wild are often considered to be very fortunate. Those who own a Nephini are considered to be a legend.

Nephinies are often called the guardians of the forest. They use their innate magical powers to aid the forest and to keep it healthy. To mess with the forest is to mess with the Nephini. Despite their duty to protect the forest, Nephinies still find plenty of time to play and have fun, especially at an adventurer's expense.

The Nephinies themselves are a Fabled Species.


Nephinies are highly intelligent, docile, playful, and very elusive. It is thought that the only Nephinies found in the wild are the ones that wanted to be found. Despite many efforts, no one has ever successfully tracked a Nephini back to its nest before. Because of this, very little is known about their day to day lives. In most situations, finding a Nephini in the wild is a magical moment that many people cherish for a lifetime. The event is not something to be scared of. However, disrespect the Nephini or harm the forest and you will surely have something to be worried about. The only reported cases of aggressive Nephinies involved harm to the forest or to its denizens.

  • Nephini Egg - Stage 1
  • Nephini Egg - Stage 2
  • Nephini Egg - Stage 3
  • Nephini Egg - Stage 4
  • Nephini Egg - Stage 5


As with all Fabled species, female Nephinies require 7 days to recover after producing an egg, however the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

For a dragon, Nephinies are as small as they come. Their scales are also very thin and shimmery rather than thick and armor-like. They have long slender bodies which make them incredibly agile. They also have sticky residue on the tips of their fingers and toes which help them climb through the trees with ease. Lastly, they have glowing antennas which are thought to magically attune themselves to the surrounding forest.

Nephinies have been seen with various types of wings. It is not entirely known what the purpose of the different types of wings are, but one theory is that each type of wing denotes a specific classification of a guardian. Additionally, some Nephinies have been seen with various vines or jewels surrounding their bodies. This is thought to have more of an aesthetic purpose than a functional one. Lastly, some Nephinies are considered a literal fairy dragon as they are covered in shimmering fairy dust. It is thought that this is able to further enhance a Nephini's magical attunement.

Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design SlotsEdit

  • Swoosh - G1(AA)
  • Faded Rings - G1(BB)
  • Leopard - G1(CC)
  • Faded Stripes - G1(DD)
  • Stripes - G2(AA)
  • Butterfly - G2(BB)
  • Blue Dragon - G2(CC)
  • Monarch Butterfly - G2(DD)
  • Glowing Sea - G2(EE)
  • Uromastyx - G2(FF)
  • Dragonfly - G2(GG)
  • Runic Swirl - G3(AA)
  • Fairy Runes - G3(BB)
  • Kaiju - G3(CC)
  • Nebula - G3(DD)
  • Faded Glow - G3(EE)
  • Lucky Runes - G3(FF)
  • Floral Henna - G3(GG)
  • Leaf Veins - G3(HH)
  • Valentine Lace - G3(II)
  • Leaf Wings - M1(AA)
  • Butterfly Wings - M1(BB)
  • Ethereal Wings - M1(CC)
  • Lich Wings - M1(DD)
  • Spectral Wings - M1(EE)
  • Feathered Wings - M1(FF)
  • Flowered Vines - M2(AA)
  • Lightning Jewels - M2(BB)
  • Autumn Harvest - M2(CC)
  • Jeweled Bow - M2(DD)
  • Sun Armor - M2(EE)
  • Fairy Shimmer - M3(AA)
  • Essence of Lightning - M3(BB)
  • Swirling Snowflakes - M3(CC)
  • Lucky Dust - M3(DD)

Festival PetsEdit

Themed Pets are any species of pet within a certain color range, for a specific festival. They can have genes and mutations, but will always be different. Themed pets show up during festivals, in the Festival Zone.

Wheel Pets are triple or double visible Themed Pets, which can only be won in the wheels. These are very rare and valuable.

Themed PetsEdit

Wheel PetsEdit