The Morkko is a very majestic creature that is native to Umbra Forest. It is said that many years ago they were blessed by Faerina and in return are sworn protectors of Umbra Forest. Morkkos are a relatively uncommon sight in the wild, but are seen during any type of weather. Although they typically only come out of their den during the night, it is not uncommon to see them during the day.


Morkkos are very aggressive creatures, but can be loyal companions. Morkkos are also very territorial and it is suggested to stay away from known Morkko dens. If you wish to befriend a Morkko, you should demonstrate your love of nature to earn its trust. Bestowed with Faerina's blessing, they are bound to protect the natural world of Sylestia.


As with all non-fabled species, female Morkkos require 3 days to recover after producing an egg, and the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Morkkos have an incredibly powerful body. Their muscle to mass ratio is by far the largest out of any known Sylesti. The most notable feature of a Morkko is its magically enhanced eyes, which provide them with incredible night vision.

Additionally, some Morkkos have sturdy bone-plated armor for extra protection that covers most of their bodies. Morkkos are also seen with various beads and feathers around their bodies, which is said to be a gift from Faerina herself. Other Morkkos can be seen with antlers that protect them from incoming blows.

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Morkko Egg

Gene Design Slots Mutation Design Slots
  • Panda G1
  • Wildcat Spots G1
  • War Paint G1
  • Faded Stripes G1
  • Spectacled G1
  • Mystical Markings G1
  • Spotted Streaks G1
  • Electrifying Streaks G1
  • Fox G1
  • Shaman Feathers M1
  • Frozen Plate LegGuards M1
  • Glowing Growths M1
  • Dragon Scales M1
  • Mystical Jewels M1
  • Umbra LegGuards M1
  • Broken Shackles M1
  • Badger G2
  • Tapir G2
  • Chipmunk G2
  • Striped Hyena G2
  • Brindle G2
  • Leaf Veins G2
  • Tanuki G2
  • Ocelot G2
  • Arctic Panda G2
  • Warden's Armor M2
  • Bone Armor M2
  • Frozen Plate Armor M2
  • Spring Flowers M2
  • Umbra Armor M2
  • Spiked Armor M2
  • Overgrowth M2
  • Advanced Runes G3
  • Lucky Runes G3
  • Snowflake Runes G3
  • Tribal Runes G3
  • Constellation Runes G3
  • Sky Runes G3
  • Antlers M3
  • Skull Mask M3
  • Mystical Jewels M3
  • Frozen Plate Helm M3
  • Warden's Helm M3
  • Umbra Helm M3
  • Spiked Helm M3
  • Shaman Dust M3

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Themed Pets are any species of pet within a certain color range, for a specific festival or event. They can have genes and mutations, but will always be different. Most themed pets show up during festivals, in the Festival Zone. These themed pets are listed alphabetically.

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