The Lupora is a Sylestia species that was added in February 2013. They are to be revamped next. They bear a close resemblance to wolves or other large wild dogs and can be found wild in any section of the map or though eggs in the scale shop. They currently have 23 genes and 25 mutations as of April 2017.

Behavior and InfoEdit

The Lupora are a powerful species found throughout the temperate climates of Sylestia. The Lupora is one of the most intimidating predators that hunts day or night, rain or shine. They are highly sought after by trainers due to their immense combination of strength, dexterity, and agility. However, one should not think of them as bloodthirsty Sylesties, as they are intelligent and only hunt out of necessity.

Luporas are very territorial creatures that hunt and live within tightly-knit communities. Although they regard all other Sylesties as outsiders, they are very embracing towards others of their kind. Luporas can be very fearsome, but do not attack without cause. Because of their stubborn nature, taming and training a Lupora is a very difficult task.


Lupora Egg


As with all non-fabled species, female Luporas require 3 days to recover after producing an egg, and the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Luporas are most easily recognized by the long, hairy mane that runs from their heads to the tip of their tails. Because of this thick hair, they prefer colder climates. In order to enhance their distinctive howls, Luporas also have very long snouts.

Some Luporas are seen with intriciate collars which are used to signify that the Lupora is tamed. Other Luporas wear beautiful jeweled horns atop their heads as a sign of the Lupora's importance. And perhaps the most unique trait of all Sylesties is the magical, ethereal wings that some Luporas are bestowed with. Although it is unknown how the ethereal wings function, it is known that they do not enable flight and are used more for decoration or intimidation.

Design Colors are shown in Green. Pictures taken from Generator.

Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design slotsEdit

  • Shadow Markings - G1(AA)
  • Tribal Markings - G1(BB)
  • Double Spots - G1(CC)
  • Runic Swirl - G1(DD)
  • Husky - G1(EE)
  • Merle Markings - G1(FF)
  • Hyena Markings - G1(GG)
  • African Painted - G1(HH)
  • Spotted Fox - G1(II)
  • Polecat - G1(JJ)
  • Harlequin - G2(AA)
  • Doberman Markings - G2(BB)
  • Kitsune - G2(CC)
  • Maned Wolf - G2(DD)
  • Yeti - G2(EE)
  • Faded Leopard - G2(FF)
  • Lunar Runes - G3(AA)
  • Dalmatian - G3(BB)
  • Tipped Mane - G3(CC)
  • Frosted Glass - G3(DD)
  • Lucky Runes - G3(EE)
  • Leaf Veins - G3(FF)
  • Valentine Lace - G3(GG)
  • Spiked Collar - M1(AA)
  • Spiked Chain Collar - M1(BB)
  • Mystic Ribbon - M1(CC)
  • Hellehound Armor - M1(DD)
  • Flaming Hellhound Armor - M1(EE)
  • Dragon Body Scales - M1(FF)
  • Mechanical Armor - M1(GG)
  • Rainbow Mechanical Armor - M1(HH)
  • Spring Flowers - M1(II)
  • Battle Scars - M1(JJ)
  • Celestial Armor - M1(KK)
  • Crystal Ice Armor - M1(LL)
  • Ethereal Wings - M2(AA)
  • Mechanical Wings - M2(BB)
  • Feathered Wings - M2(CC)
  • Dragon Wings - M2(CC)
  • Jeweled Horns - M3(AA)
  • Ornamental Headpiece - M3(BB)
  • Hellhound Skull - M3(CC)
  • Flaming Hellhound Skull - M3(DD)
  • Dragon Face Scales - M3(EE)
  • Mechanical Helmet - M3(FF)
  • Rainbow Mechanical Helmet - M3(GG)
  • Crystal Ice Crown - M3(HH)
  • Lucky Dust - M3(II)

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