Lunemaras are one of the hardest working species of Sylesties. They typically thrive in warm, humid climates with lots of tall trees. In these climates, Lunemaras construct massive colonies along the tree tops. These colonies have been known to be as large as a mile in diameter and contain thousands of Lunemaras all living in harmony. Each individual Lunemara works all day gathering food, gathering building materials, constructing the colony, protecting the colony, or breeding to increase the work force. When all is considered, Lunemaras are the ideal Sylesti for getting a job completed.


Lunemaras are often considered the Sylesti most dependent on others. Lunemaras that get separated from their colony usually cannot survive on their own. Regarding their personalities, Lunemaras are typically indifferent to outsiders. However, as soon as a Lunemara feels threatened, an entire swarm will gather to protect the colony and its workers. It is thought that Lunemaras release various pheromones to communicate with others of its colony.

As a Hatchling, Lunemaras do not have any wings. Instead, it must use a dozen of little legs under its belly to move around. These legs will typically fall off after a Hatchling grows into an Adolescent. A Lunemara isn't considered an Adolescent until its wings fully grow and it's capable of flight.


Lunemara Egg


As with all non-fabled species, female Lunemaras require 3 days to recover after producing an egg, and the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

All Lunemaras are covered in very coarse hair. Not only is their hair useful for protection against would-be attackers, but it is also used to sense the environment. Additionally, Lunemaras cannot hear like humans hear as they do not have ears. Instead, they use their antennas to pick up vibrations in the air and use that as their sense of hearing. Although odd, this feature allows Lunemaras to hear footsteps from a thousand feet away.

Although all mature Lunemaras have wings, not all wings are the same. It is thought that some types of wings provide advantages and that a Lunemara's wings determine its job in the colony. In addition to wings, some Lunemaras have been seen with a very bright glowing bulb at the base of their abdomen. It is thought that workers use this to better see at night. If you find a group of Lunemaras working at night, you will often see one acting as a torch for the others by using this luminescent bulb.

Design Colors are shown in Green. Pictures taken from Generator.

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