Griffies are a mythical species thought to live deep inside of mountain ranges on the highest peaks. However, once every year when the weather first turns cold, they migrate to the snowy grasslands of Viridian Meadows to breed and to gather food for the long upcoming winter. Sylestians often celebrate their beloved Winter Festival to coincide with this time. Griffies are very large creatures with a mix of unique features that greatly improve their ability to survive in various, challenging environments. This makes them ideal pets for Sylesti Trainers.

The Griffi themselves are a Fabled Species .


Griffies are very indifferent towards others. Relying on their pride, they will often completely ignore dangerous situations in hopes that their boldness will deter enemies from ever striking. If you manage to grab the attention of a Griffi, you will most likely regret it.

Griffies are also known to be a mostly independent species. It is usually a rare occurrence to find a family of Griffies. When a male and female breed, the male will often abandon the nest before the offspring even hatch. Furthermore, once the offspring reach Adolescence, they will usually leave the nest in search of their own territory. While this type of lifestyle doesn't seem ideal, it does typically boost the self sufficiency of each individual Griffi.
  • Griffi Egg - Stage 1
  • 2Griffi Egg - Stage 2
  • Griffi Egg - Stage 3
  • Griffi Egg - Stage 4
  • Griffi Egg - Stage 5


As with all Fabled species, female Griffies require 7 days to recover after producing an egg, however the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.

Physical FeaturesEdit

Griffies are very unique looking among the known species of Sylesties. They have a strong beak for a mouth. They have round, furry ears for adept hearing. They have a thick, furry mane to keep them warm. They have strong, thick front legs with large paws for extra grip while their hind legs have high ankles and hooves for powerful leaps. These unique characteristics are thought to increase their adaptability to the harsh environments that they live in.

Additionally, Griffies also have very unique features. They have been seen with various forms of both tails and wings with each offering their own advantage. Some tail variations improve their balance while others improve their natural defenses. As for their wing variations, some improve their long distance flying capabilities, others improve their short distance flying capabilities, while others improve their natural defenses.

Rarely, Griffies have been seen wearing powerful or majestic armors. It is not known where this armor comes from or its full purpose; although it is safe to say that it offers improved protection. Lastly, some Griffies have been seen to carry the very essence of winter with them. Be very cautious of these Griffies, as rumor has it that those who wander too close to these Griffies can become frozen solid in a matter of seconds.


Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design SlotsEdit

  • Snow Leopard - G1(AA)
  • Tiger - G1(BB)
  • Appalosa - G1(CC)
  • Marbled - G1(DD)
  • Quagga - G1(EE)
  • Tribal - G1(FF)
  • Diamond Dust - G1(GG)
  • King Fisher - G1(HH)
  • Monarch Butterfly - G1(II)
  • Fancy Stripes - G1(JJ)
  • Barracuda - G1(KK)
  • Sandswept - G1(LL)
  • Pied Deer - G1(MM)
  • Wing Tips - G2(AA)
  • Faded Wings - G2(BB)
  • Double Stripe - G2(CC)
  • Monarch - G2(DD)
  • Galaxy - G2(EE)
  • Frost Runes - G3(AA)
  • Tribal Runes - G3(BB)
  • Lunar Runes - G3(CC)
  • Forest Markings - G3(DD)
  • Lucky Runes - G3(EE)
  • Leaf Veins - G3(FF)
  • Snowflake Runes - G3(GG)
  • Majestic Peacock - G3(HH)
  • Valentine Lace - G3(II)
  • Galactic Dust - G3(JJ)
  • Horse Tail - M1(AA)
  • Horse Tail (Striped) - M1(BB)
  • Horse Tail (Tips) - M1(CC)
  • Unicorn Tail - M1(DD)
  • Unicorn Tail (Striped) - M1(EE)
  • Unicorn Tail (Tips) - M1(FF)
  • Snow Leopard Tail - M1(GG)
  • Snow Leopard Tail (Tiger) - M1(HH)
  • Snow Leopard Tail (Spots) - M1(II)
  • Dragon Tail - M1(JJ)
  • Dragon Tail (Tips) - M1(KK)
  • Dragon Tail (Stripes) - M1(LL)
  • Chicken Tail - M1(MM)
  • Chicken Tail (Tips) - M1(OO)
  • Chicken Tail (Stripes) - M1(PP)
  • Peacock Tail - M1(QQ)
  • Galatic Tail - M1(RR)
  • Battle Armor - M2(AA)
  • Majestic Regalia - M2(BB)
  • Majestic Horns - M2(CC)
  • Swirling Snow - M2(DD)
  • Jingle Bells - M2(EE)
  • Chained Jewelry - M2(FF)
  • Flower Jewelry - M2(GG)
  • Skul Regalia - M2(HH)
  • Druidic Essence - M2(II)
  • Feather Jewelry - M2(JJ)
  • Majestic Peacock Crest - M2(KK)
  • Lucky Dust - M2(LL)
  • Galactic Wrap - M2(MM)
  • Feathered Wings - M3(AA)
  • Frosted Fae WIngs - M3(BB)
  • Elegant Feathered Wings - M3(CC)
  • Astral Wings - M3(DD)
  • Manicore Wings - M3(EE)
  • Majestic Peacock Wings - M3(FF)
  • Galactic Feathered Wings - M3(GG)

Festival PetsEdit

Themed Pets are any species of pet within a certain color range, for a specific festival. They can have genes and mutations, but will always be different. Themed pets show up during festivals, in the Festival Zone.

Wheel Pets are triple or double visible Themed Pets, which can only be won in the wheels. These are very rare and valuble .

Themed PetsEdit

Wheel PetsEdit