Esior's Haven is a town in Viridian Meadows and is written in purple. Inside there is a Quest Board, Sylesti Plaza, Market, Town Hall, and Town Barracks. 

Quest BoardEdit

Esior's FieldsEdit

Quest 1: Learning Quests Edit

Jinxie teaches the player how to accept quests. The reward is a Newbie Adventurer's Satchel, which contains Newbie Adventurer's Outfit, Newbie Mundane Relic, Lesser Restore Potion x5, Lesser Restore Elxir x5, and Revival Draught x2. 

  • Quest 1: Learning Quests
  • Quest 2: Defend the Windmill
  • Quest 3: Taking Back the Fields
  • Quest 4: A Generous Task

Quest 2: Defend the WindmillEdit

Sheriff Thyrm asks the player to defeat Dreadnaught. The reward is 250 gold, 300 Esior's Haven Reputation, and Esior's Powerful Relic or Esior's Insightful Relic.

Quest 3: Taking Back the FieldsEdit

Sheriff Thyrm asks the player to defeat 10 Enemies in Esior's Fields. The reward is 150 gold, 300 Esior's Haven Reputation, and Esior's Powerful Armor or Esior's Insightful Armor

Quest 4: A Generous TaskEdit

An Old Man asks the player to find his wife's bracelet. The reward is 100 gold and Sara's Braclet.

Trollsblight CarvensEdit

Quest 1: Investigate the CarvensEdit

Quest 2: The Search for BellaEdit

Quest 3: Fluffy TrufflesEdit

Quest 4: Capture a SylestiEdit

Fungus GroveEdit

Quest 1: Find the FairiesEdit

Quest 2: Taste the FungusEdit

Quest 3: Interrogate the InterrogatersEdit

Viridian Point & Nightfall Bandit CampEdit

Quest 1: Meeting PointEdit

Quest 2: Finding Itsy, Bitsy, and MitsyEdit

Quest 3: Recovering Lost SuppliesEdit

Sylesti PlazaEdit

In the Sylesti Plaza, there is a Healer, Miri the Fairy, and a Trainer, William the Hunter. Miri will charges 1 Gold Per Health.

William will let the player to expand the party limit to 2 pets for 25,000 Gold and will expand mission limit. For three missions, 5,000 Gold. For 4 missions, 15,000 Gold. 


The Market sells:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.20.49 PM

Town HallEdit

The Town Hall sells:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.22.28 PM

Town BarracksEdit

Easy: 1 Hour    Medium: 2 Hours   Hard: 6 Hours   Very Hard: 12 Hours

Easy (Lv 0) Medium (Lv 10) Hard (Lv 20) Very Hard (Lv 25)
Health Supply Run A Mossy Expedition Taste Tester Battling Bandits
Strength An Inconvenience  Plowing the Fields Deshroomation Wrecking Ball
Intelligence Planting Seeds Troll Talk Search and Rescue Double Agent
Dexerity Transporting Supplies Marathon Messenger Training Grounds An Ox at Heart
Agility Target Practice Carven Rescue Quick Delivery Stealth Mission