NOTICE: This page is out-of-date. The battle system has been changed since this page was written. If you're having trouble, try reading A Battler's Guide to Elements & Proficiencies!


By Shadowphyr

Ever had your party just not doing as well as you want it to? Is your main attacker not able to take the kind of damage he's supposed to? How come your party keeps dying so quickly? There's an easy answer for that, and it's not always level, level, level. How you build your Sylesti matters, too. 

Now there's six types of elemental proficiencies: Three physical and three magical. 

Physical type elements work off of high Strength. Physical type proficiencies are: AirEarth, and Ice. If you have leaned your pet in a more strength direction, one of these three should be able to help you. 

Magical based elements work off of high Intelligence. The three magical type proficiencies are: Fire,Light, and Shadow. If you have developed your pet in a more intelligent direction, then these proficiencies have more to offer you. 

Once you have chosen a proficiency that better suits the Sylestis main stat, adjust their second stat to the one the proficiency best boosts (dexterity or agility). From there, distribute points how you feel best fits. 


By Dimitri

When assigning points for the proficiencies, it is far more useful to concentrate solely on the same stat, because the growth increases at each point spent. For example, if you choose fire and decide to put 4 points in intelligence and 2 points in dexterity, you will obtain 50 intelligence + 15 dexterity, so 65 bonus stats points, but if you put all your points in intelligence instead, you can obtain 110 bonus stats points. Then, if you want to have higher dexterity, you can use your standard level up points to augment your dexterity. Changing level up stats is a lot cheaper than changing proficiencies. In the early stages, it is not useful to boost the damage basic elemental attack. If you want pure damage, you can max out the attack stat in your proficiencies (intelligence or strengh) instead, it will provide a better damage boost.

The exact growth of stats for proficiency is:  5-15-30-50-75-110-155-210-275-350 

it is important to note that agility and dexterity should always be complimentary stats, agility being a very defensive stat and dexterity more useful for an attacker. In this set of mind, a sylvesti that chose light or dark and that is not a tank should prefer dexterity over agility, since it gives better accuracy and critical chance instead of damage mitigation and dodge chance. 

Party Building

By Shadowphyr

Now in my experience, the best party consists of at least one Light user. This way there is always a chance to restore health to your entire party without having to use as many potions or mends. The higher level your Light user is, the more you can feasibly return to your party in health. 

However you choose to construct your party from this point, make sure you have invested plenty of points into Health for your main attacker, as well. Since they take the brunt of the damage, this will be important. Your main pet could be your healer, but I would highly suggest against it. Let your healer sit in the back row and heal while the others do the bulk of the damage. Your main should both be able to take and give lots of damage. Earth is a very good choice for this (however, I personally use ice). If you're worried about being able to take down two enemies at a time, Fire is probably your best option. The choice is all yours, find what works for you, but remember that how you build and combine them with proficiencies is how well you will do in battle.