Draeyls are often considered to be the most intimidating species of Sylestia. Preferring harsher climates, they are rarely seen in temperate regions. Draeyls are nocturnal creatures, therefore they only appear in the wild during nighttime. In an attempt to stay out of sight, Draeyls typically only come out during inclement weather.


Draeyls are very arrogant creatures, but are incredibly strong-willed. Males are very independant and in most cases the females will raise the young by themselves. If left alone, most Draeyls will simply mind their own business. However, if provoked, they will not hesitate to become aggressive.


As with all non-fabled species, female Draeyls require 3 days to recover after producing an egg, and the eggs, as with all eggs, hatch within 2-3 days depending on how much they are nurtured.
Draeyl Egg

Draeyl Egg

Physical FeaturesEdit

Draeyls have a very large and powerful physique. They have very protective plating on their underbelly and thick scales that cover the rest of their bodies.

Some Draeyls evolved to have wings which allow them to fly or glide small distances. Draeyls can also have additional spikes on their bodies to offer additional protection.


Gene Design SlotsEdit

Mutation Design SlotsEdit

  • Striped Plating - GD1
  • Salamander - GD1
  • Dinosaur Spots - GD1
  • Sunset - GD1
  • Striped Scales - GD2
  • Sea Slug - GD2
  • Agama Markings - GD2
  • Raptor Stripes - GD2
  • Radient Runes - GD2
  • Ancient Runes - GD2
  • Advanced Runes - GD3
  • Leopard Geko - GD3
  • Dragon Wings - MD1
  • Ice Wings - MD1
  • Back Spikes - MD2
  • Dragon Armour - MD2
  • Flaming Tail - MD2
  • Dimetrodon Fin - MD2
  • Thorny Armour - MD2
  • Raptor Feathers - MD2
  • Face Spikes - MD3
  • Spiral Horns - MD3

Festival PetsEdit

Themed Pets are any species of pet within a certain color range, for a specific festival. They can have genes and mutations, but will always be different. Themed pets show up during festivals, in the Festival Zone. </span>

Themed PetsEdit