The term "Color Swing" is used to describe a pet whose colors are not exactly matching the expected result. Color Swing can affect pets created by the Generator, dyed with Pet Dyes, and even Themed Pets.

As of Fall 2014, the color swing in tamed Themed Pets was drastically reduced. Pets caught after the change usually show much less color swing than pets caught prior to it. As such, several old themed pets can have wildly different colors than other pets of the same theme..

Color Swing in the Generator Edit

Mystical Essences Edit

Essence mystical bulboriMystical essences have the least amount of color swing.Essence mystical faelora

Mystical Essence Example
Intended Design: Result:
Eiko intended
Eiko intended

Enhanced Essences Edit

Essence enhanced kelpariEnhanced essences have a moderate amount of color swing.Essence enhanced nephini

Enhanced Essence Example

Intended Design: Result:
Fleurette intended
Fleurette actual

Regular Essences Edit

Essence regular vulnyxRegular essences have the most amount of color swing.Essence regular zolnixi

Regular Essence Example

Intended Design: Result:
Hoenir intended
Hoenir actual

Color Swing with Pet Dyes Edit

Greater Pet Dyes Edit

Philter greaterpetdyeminiGreater Pet Dyes have moderate color swing. They are equivalent to Enhanced Essences.Philter greaterpetdyemini

Greater Pet Dye Example
Intended Design: Result:
Apollo intended
Apollo actual

Lesser Pet Dyes Edit

Philter lesserpetdyemini Lesser Pet Dyes have the most color swing. They are equivalent to Regular Essences. Philter lesserpetdyemini

Lesser Pet Dye Example
Intended Design: Result:
Sunset qit intended
Sunset qit actual

Color Swing in Themed Pets Edit

Themed Pets are also affected by color swing. Even exclusive themes can have slight variations in their color hexes. However, exclusive pets have color swing similar to Mystical Essences, so it's rarely noticeable. This section focuses on tamed themed pets, which before Fall of 2014 had color swings similar to those of regular essences.

Example of Color Swung Tamed Pets (Pre-2014 change)

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