Over the years, some themed pets have been re-released onto the site with differentiation in their color schemes. This page is a record of the variations.

Please keep in mind that some of these pets still show a color swing.

Overview of Seasonal Changes Edit

2013 Fall Festival

Not really a change (at least not on purpose), but some of the first themed pets caught had black for all of their traits. There were also cases of normal wild sylesties being tagged as themed pets so the colors on these are random like a wild non-themed would be. These bugs were quickly fixed.

2013 Winter Festival

It seems Reindeer Qitaries may have had their mutation colors 2 and 3 made darker than the original 2012 non-tagged Reindeer Qitaries. The original 2012 qitaries had more swing but the color change seems consistent.

2014 Fall Festival

Colors weren't changed for theme designs, but there was a change making color swing less wide from this point on.

2015 Spring Festival

Several themes were changed during this festival with some changes more obvious than others.

2016 Summer Festival

Patriotic themes made their return but all of the designs were new this year.

Color Changes by Species Edit

Aeridini - Edit

Tiger Lily


2014 Tiger Lily Aeri



Aurleon - Edit

Rainy Day

Bulbori Edit

Chocolate Candy

White Chocolate

Draeyl Edit

Chocolate Egg


Faelora Edit

Morning Glory

Spring Passion

Kelpari Edit



Luffox Edit



Lunemara Edit

Early Bloom

Lady Bug

Morkko Edit

April Showers

Forest Guardian

Nytekrie Edit

Barn Owl

First Sun

Qitari Edit

Apple Blossom

Hot Cross



Vulnyx Edit

Evening River

Fresh Earth

Zolnixi Edit



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