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Sylestia is a new site, still in beta. However, many features have already been developed, with many more to come. There are currently two admins: Krinadon and Faiona. The avatar item artist is Solistia. The new pet artist is Vella (?). The main features (some have not been fully completed yet) are the fully customizable avatar system, fully customizable pet system, intricate breeding system, exciting explore system, in-depth battling system, and exciting games/lotteries/contests. The information below can also be found on Sylestia's homepage.

Fully Customizable Avatar System


- Use a Color Picker instead of Pre-Set Colors

- Choose Colors for 20 Different Options

- Choose From Over 14,000,000,000 Combinations of Styles

- Collect and Unlock Many Different Outfits and Accessories

Fully Customizable Pet System


- Use a Color Picker instead of Pre-Set Colors

- Choose Colors for 10 Different Options

- Choose Genes and Mutations Up to 6 Slots

- Raise your Pets From Egglings to Adults

Intricate Breeding System

Generator breedinggrounds

- Choose From 10 Species (More Will Be Added)

- Mendelian Inheritance Based Breeding System

- Breed to Create Pets with up to 6 Genes/Mutations

- Own, Breed, and Explore with up to 200 Pets

Exciting Exploration System


- Progress Through up to 10 Planned Regions

- Each Region Has Zones, a Town, and a Dungeon

- Earn Faction Points to Unlock Special Items

- Complete Quests, Battle Enemies, Find Items, and Much More

- Send Pets on Missions to Earn Experience, Gold, and Items

In-Depth Battling System


- Level Pets up to a Maximum Level of 250

- Balance Multiple Stats to Increase Battle Prowess

- Find and Use Equipment to Increase Battle Prowess

- Spend up to 51 Proficiency Points in 3 Areas of Expertise

- Battle with up to 6 Pets in your Party

Exciting Games, Lotteries, and Contests

Game jinxiesjamboree
Game jinxiesjamboreebg

- Play Mini Games When You Want For as Long as You Want

- Earn Gold and Special Rewards From Mini Games

- Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Lotteries for Special Rewards

- Compete Against Others By Entering Your Pets into Contests

- Daily Forum Games

- Dynamic (Explore) Events Every 3 Hours

Different Currencies

Note: The order of the images on the right do not match the name and description to the left.


- Gold, obtainable from explore and missions

- Advancement Points

- Scales, obtainable from nurturing eggs and hatchlings

- Diamonds, obtainable by buying them with real life money

- Badges, obtainable through completing daily quests

- Valentines (V-Day special), obtainable from explore (only during the Week of Love)


- Decorated Silver Egglings (Spring special), obtained from explore and nurturing (only during Spring Festival)