Monthly Wings are wings that can be bought from the Avatar Shop. Each Monthly Wing has a calendar icon that indicates it's a Monthly Item.

List of Monthly WingsEdit

Wings of the ValkyrieEdit

Arcanic WIngsEdit

Battlemage's BladesEdit

Draconic WingsEdit

Persephone WingsEdit

Underworld WingsEdit

Summer Butterfly WingsEdit

Astral Wanderer's WingsEdit

Scorpio ClawsEdit

Shards of IceEdit

Minstrel Harp WingsEdit

Iris' WingsEdit

Lightening Lord's Wings (Divine)Edit

Lightening Lord's Wings (Serpent)Edit

Lighteniing Lord's Wings (Storm Witch)Edit

Lightening Lord's Wings (Stormbreaker)Edit

Water Lily WingsEdit

Water Lily WIngs (Black Lily)Edit

Waterl Lily WIngs (Heavenly Light)Edit

Water Lily Wings (Lava Flow)Edit

Water Lily Wings (Lotus Carrier)Edit

Dragon Stalker's WingsEdit

Dragon Stalker's Wings (Ember)Edit

Dragon Stalker's Wings (Emerald)Edit

Dragon Stalker's Wings (Golden)Edit

Dragon Stalker's Wings (Shadow)Edit

Dragon Stalker's Wings (White)Edit

Fae Fire WingsEdit

Fae Fire Wings (Bloodstone)Edit

Fae Fire WIngs (Dark Dreams)Edit

Fae Fire Wings (Sea Mist)Edit

Fae Fire Wings (Sky Fire)Edit

Cherub WingsEdit

Bladed WingsEdit

Mechanical WingsEdit

Avenger's WingsEdit

Runic AuraEdit

Fanblade WingsEdit

Jeweled WingsEdit

Cloud Explorer's WingsEdit

Celestial SunEdit

Summer Lotus WingsEdit

Seraph's WingsEdit

Autumn Leaf WingsEdit

Vampiric WingsEdit

Wind Frost WingsEdit

Heroic Wings of the ValkyrieEdit

Pristine Wings of the ValkyrieEdit

Valiant Wings of the ValkyrieEdit

Icy Battlemage's BladesEdit

Earthen Battlemage's BladesEdit

Firey Battlemage's BladesEdit

Embered Draconic WingsEdit

Golden Draconic WingsEdit

Rosey Draconic WingsEdit

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