Astryl's Tranquility is a zone in Astryl's Vale. It's Exploration Window is different from the two other regions .


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Common EnemiesEdit

There are multiple Woodsman Tamers and Woodsman Savages and wild sylestis that can be caught in Astryl's Tranquility on land. On the lake there will be sylvorpas, kelparis, elemental water minions, and after the player completes the zone, water sprites. 


The main boss in this zone is Vorpar, Primal of Water. 


Vorpar, Primal of Water


Sariveni SongbladeEdit

Located on the middle island

Barbaric WoodsmanEdit

Located on the middle island

Yurgo the TwistedEdit

Located at the bottom left of the zone

Ameryth SwiftfyreEdit

Located at the top left corner of the zone

2 Wicked EvokersEdit

One located at the bottom left of the zone, the other located at the top left corner of the zone.

Ariella and her Water SpritesEdit

Located at the bottom right corner of the zone. Only accessible by boat.



Inventory items can be obtained from wooden crates and treasure chests or purchased from Allison Fairwind. Equipment items can be obtained by battling.

Avatar Edit

Avatar items can be obtained by battling or purchased from Allison Fairwind.


Elder OrynnEdit

Elder Orynn is the Elder of the town in Astryl's Tranquility. She is an Oracle and gives the player instrutions on what to do. 

Allison FairwindEdit

Allison Fairwind is a traveling merchant who sells Inventory items and water gowns. 


Nymina is a Divine Being that greets the player after he/she defeats 20 Water Elementals. She guides the player to Vorpar and tells he/she how to defeat him.

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