As of May 10th, 2013, Krinadon and Faiona offically opened the Arena in the third region: Ethernia. Many fans were excited to experiance this new feature, and their wait has finally been awarded. Following the Arena, a Gladiator Shop opened selling valuable exclusive avatar items and equipment.

Arena BossesEdit

There are currently 10 arena bosses available. By battling in the arena, you can collect Marks of the Gladiator and other items. The level brackets are Lv 25 and Lv 50.

Bosses of Bracket 1 (lvl 1-25):

Fire Eyes


Kimera and Katalyst


Malgron the Destroyer

Bosses of Bracket 2 (lvl 26-50):




Team Sprocket

Harpy Sisters

Gladiator ShopEdit

The Gladiator shops only accepts Marks of the Gladiator as a currency. It sells avatar items, equipment, and Ny'vene eggs (a Gladiator Shop exclusive).

The list of Avatar items avaliable is as follows:

Gladiator's Armour

Gladiator's Helm

Gladiator's Wings

Gladiator's Cape

Gladiator's Blade

Gladiator's Bow

Gladiator's Trident

The list of Equipment available is as follows:

Aspring Gladiator Rank

Relentless Aspiring Gladiator's Relic

Indomitable Aspiring Gladiator's Relic

Radiant Aspiring Gladiator's Relic

Eternal Aspiring Gladiator's Relic

Relentless Aspiring Gladiator's Armour

Indomitable Aspiring Gladiator's Amour

Radiant Aspiring Gladiator's Armour

Eternal Aspiring Gladiator's Armour

Relentless Aspiring Gladiator's Bracelet

Indomitable Aspiring Gladiator's Bracelet

Radiant Aspiring Gladiator's Bracelet

Eternal Aspiring Gladiator's Bracelet

Adept Gladiator Rank:

Relentless Adept Gladiator's Relic

Indomitable Adept Gladiator's Relic

Radiant Adept Gladiator's Relic

Eternal Adept Gladiator's Relic

Relentless Adept Gladiator's Armour

Indomitable Adept Gladiator's Amour

Radiant  Adept Gladiator's Armour

Eternal Adept Gladiator's Armour

Relentless Adept Gladiator's Bracelet

Indomitable Adept Gladiator's Bracelet

Radiant Adept Gladiator's Bracelet

Eternal Adept Gladiator's Bracelet

Advanced Arena GuideEdit

This Arena Guide is made by Luga

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