By Ash

Advancement Points are collected through performing various tasks across Sylestia, and can be earned just through playing the game. These points are used to unlock avatar features, such as hair, eyes, and ears. These features can also be unlocked through diamonds, however for those not wishing to use diamonds the only other method is through AP.

Each activity earns a specific number of points.


1 point for every 10 eggs nurtured. 


20 points for each breeding.

Both parents must be your own pets. This is to prevent people from spam breeding with cheap pets just for AP.


1 point for every enemy star within 25 levels of your player level

This is based on your player level, not your pet levels. Enemies that are more than 25 levels under your player level do not yield any AP. So for example say your player level is 60. Enemies level 36+ will all yield 1 point per star, and anything level 35 and under will yield nothing. 


Nightfall Bandit Dungeon: 50 Points 

Dungeon of the Forsaken: 100 Points

While doing the Myconid Colosseum isn't required, it's recommended since you can get up to 90 AP from it.


Mission points are not affected by whether or not you succeed, only that you finish the mission. Even failed missions will still yield AP.

1 Hour: 

Lvl 0: 0 Points 
Lvl 25: 25 Points 

2 Hours:

Lvl 10: 14 Points 
Lvl 35: 49 Points 

6 Hours:

Lvl 20: 36 Points 
Lvl 45: 81 Points 

12 Hours: 

Lvl 25: 65 Points 
Lvl 50: 130 Points


Daily Quests: 40 Points

Noble Deeds
Magical Resupply
Clearing the Tomb
A Preemptive Strike
Myconid Hunting

Story Quests: __ Points

Jinxie's JamboreeEdit

1 point for every 10 games played.